I am really disappointed that none of my fave teams made it thru the grand finals (EG, DK, Navi); EG could have been such a good Cinderella story (youngest team to win Ti ever and 1st NA Ti winner) but #thethrowsarereal heres a proof of their greediness and miss-calculations:

Nevertheless this young team is destroying veteran teams left and right , this team has very bright future ahead ; DK on the other hand could have been such a deserving Ti win cuz 2 of the legends in DotA ,LanM and Burning are retiring (so as they say) also talents like Mushi and Ice3x really deserves the Aegis of Champs; Here is such a spine chilling play from Mushi:

DK 's team profile:

NaVi being NaVi is the crowd favorite and the most entertaining dota players out there but NaVi played horribly (Im not sure if NaVi or Brazil hahaha) , its like it wasnt even them playing; During LB match against c9 ,XBOCT played BrewMaster and Dendi as Death Prophet ?!!! which is unusual because Dendi is the best player in their team who plays heroes with high skill cap like Invoker, BrewMaster while XBOCT is a ballsy player and usually plays the carry role; I hope they keep most of their core members, kick Funn1k or XBOCT and bring LightofHeaven back:

I would also like to special mention Alliance and C9 ; Alliance's rat dota is hated by many because people dont understand its meta back then but Alliance is a team that perfected it, the "fail safe" mechanism worked wonders thats why they won Ti3. Months have passed, Alliance strat was figured out by alot of teams then their slump began leading into the Ti4 Bo1's ; NP-io was banned from almost every game they played.They know that their rat strat would be figured out by alot of teams by now but they still sticked to it, they lacked innovation this time thats why they were kicked out so early:

C9 a relatively young team, they're very entertaining but they are a major hit or miss kinda team. Their strategies are very innovative and hero drafts/picks are refreshing too, sometimes they lacked execution but when they do heres what they can do:

Anyways it was VG vs Newbee in the Grand Finals, China vs China which is still 1st ever that happened on The Internationals but it is the most BORING Grand Finals ever!; I dont disregard their talents and all but in RotK 's words they know Newbee "too well" and they play with Newbee alot (prolly scrim alot too) but what i dont get is why is RotK's drafting the same heroes all throughout the game even if its not working at all?! , Newbee already figured it out after game 1?!!; You would think that there would be surprise pick on game 4 for them to make a comeback, but alas no. It feels like a pubstomp match to most of the people and even Ice3x agrees:

I agree and Icefrog has alot of patches to do! ; I would suggest to start with either decreasing tower reward or decreasing tower glyph of fortification CD , cuz you cant nerf Natures Prophet anymore, he does what he do ;But definitely nerf Lycan (again) so he wont be 95% ban rate anymore, make his Howl affect a small aoe and decrease the duration of his annoying wolves . I would like to suggest changes more but im sure as of now Icefrog is working on it, the meta will change again anyways and more heroes will be added to CM mode in the future.


The preparation starts now ,I hope the managers of the said teams will work double time with their rosters and figure out how to dota again. In the meantime its Ti4 afterparty time!!: dudududududududduduudududu


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